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Hoops Hour with Henderson - John McPhee ‘53

October 4th, 2016

John McPhee '53, author of 30 books and a Ferris Professor at Princeton since 1974, grew up in Princeton and has followed Princeton athletics since before his days as a student. His first book, called A Sense of Where You Are, is about Bill Bradley '65.

0:57: On growing up in Princeton

3:49: On his writing influences

4:51: On the Princeton classes he teaches

7:10: On his connection to Princeton Athletics

10:11: On competing on “20 Questions” while at Princeton

12:43: On writing for the New Yorker

14:02: On playing basketball at Cambridge

15:00: On Pete Carril

18:21: On writing about Bill Bradley

31:31: On his writing career

36:47: On friend and former Cleveland Cavaliers owner Gordon Gund

38:52: On his interviewing style

42:44: On teaching students today and Matt Henshon ‘91

49:23: On bicycling

50:18: On Bill Bradley’s 2000 presidential campaign

51:30: On his appreciation of great teams

53:34: On Princetonians he’s worked with, including Richard Stengel ’77 and Marvin Bressler

57:47: On Pete Carril and the building of Jadwin Gym

59:54: On Butch van Breda Kolff ‘45

1:02:44: On Arthur Ashe and his book Levels of the Game

Opening sequence courtesy & ESPN.

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