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Original Eleven #8: Mitchell Sweigart, Dennis Goldman & Harvard Game Preview

October 19th, 2017

In the latest edition of the Original Eleven, first-team All-Ivy offensive lineman Mitchell Sweigart reflects on his impressive career, a 92-snap performance against the Crimson last year, and his thoughts on the Friday night game at Harvard Stadium. Wideouts coach Dennis Goldman discusses his three standouts this season, including Ivy receptions leader Jesper Horsted. He also shares memories of two historic WRs that Horsted is chasing, Derek Graham and Kevin Guthrie. He also discusses the Harvard defense in the leadup to the Friday game on the NBC Sports Network. Radio broadcaster Cody Chrusciel returns to the show to reflect on the 53-0 shutout at Brown, and he and host Craig Sachson look at all sides of the Harvard-Princeton showdown.

Interviews: Mitchell Sweigart (3:10); Harvard Game Preview (10:20); Dennis Goldman (23:00)

Original Eleven #7: Tom Johnson, Mike Willis, & Week 5 Preview

October 12th, 2017

With the six-game Ivy League stretch upon us, this edition of the Original Eleven features an interview with junior linebacker Tom Johnson, who discusses how much football has been part of his family life, what it's like having his younger brother on the team, and the transition to a leadership role at the position following the injury to Mark Fossati. Cody Chrusciel joins the show for a look back at the 50-30 win over Georgetown, as well as a preview of Saturday's showdown at Brown (12:30 pm, Ivy League Network). Tight ends coach and former Princeton lineman Mike Willis rounds out the show by looking at his position group, especially Graham Adomitis, who scored two touchdowns against Georgetown last week, and how the offense has progressed over the last two weeks.

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Interviews: Tom Johnson (2:45); Week 5 preview (14:40); Mike Willis (25:40)

Original Eleven #6: Stephen Carlson, Mike Mendenhall, Week 4 Preview & Early Ivy Thoughts

October 5th, 2017

The latest edition of the Original Eleven features interviews with junior WR Stephen Carlson and outside LB coach Mike Mendenhall. There is also a preview of the Week 4 home game vs. Georgetown and some early thoughts after one week of Ivy League play.

Segments: Stephen Carlson (3:25); Week 4 Preview/Ivy Thoughts (10:30); Mike Mendenhall (21:25)

Original Eleven #5: Mike Wagner, Jamel Mutunga & Week 3 Preview

September 28th, 2017

The latest edition of the Original Eleven features interviews with rush linebacker Mike Wagner, who had two sacks in the Lafayette win, and new running backs coach Jamel Mutunga, who discusses the return of Charlie Volker, his backfield core, and the Columbia defense. Broadcaster Cody Chrusciel returns to look back at the 38-17 win at Lafayette, and then joins host Craig Sachson to discuss Saturday's Ivy League opener against Columbia (12:30, Princeton Stadium, Eleven Sports/Ivy League Network).

Interviews: Mike Wagner (3:35); Week 3 Preview with Cody Chrusciel (11:40); Jamel Mutunga (21:20).

Original Eleven #4: Jesper Horsted, Steve Thomas & Week 2 Preview

September 21st, 2017

The latest episode of the Original Eleven features interviews with All-Ivy wideout Jesper Horsted and ILB coach/special teams coordinator Steve Thomas, as well as the weekly sitdown with radio broadcaster Cody Chrusciel, which features a 'past/present/future' segment on the Tigers. We look back at the Week 1 win over San Diego, and give some early keys to Saturday night's road game at Lafayette.

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Segments: Jesper Horsted interview (3:00); Past/Present/Future with Cody Chrusciel (12:10); Steve Thomas interview (23:05).

Original Eleven #3: Fossati, Aurich & What Could Go Right/Wrong In 2017

September 14th, 2017

Now that the 2017 season is here, the Original Eleven will begin its weekly Thursday series of episodes, which will include a player interview, a conversation with Ivy League Network/radio broadcaster Cody Chrusciel, and a conversation with a coach to look at his positional group and to preview the upcoming game. It should be an informative, and hopefully fun, series of podcasts this season, and we hope you subscribe by searching 'Princeton Tigers' on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

On this edition, we are joined by senior inside linebacker Mark Fossati (3:40), who discusses his transition to the starting lineup, early chemistry with Thomas Johnson, and the excitement for opening day. Cody Chrisuciel (10:50) joins the show for a discussion on the unknowns of 2017. What could go right that makes this a championship season, or what could go wrong that leaves this team far back in the Ivy race? It's a fun, 20-minute discussion that ends with a quick look at San Diego. Finally, Andrew Aurich (29:25) joins the show to talk about his experienced group of offensive linemen, led by All-Ivy first-teamer Mitchell Sweigart, and some thoughts on a tough San Diego defense.

We hope you enjoy this new endeavor into a weekly Princeton Football podcast … welcome to the Original Eleven!

Original Eleven #2: Media Day Chats With The Coordinators

September 6th, 2017

With less than two weeks remaining before the 2017 opener against reigning Pioneer League champion San Diego, the Original Eleven returns with a pair of Media Day conversations with Princeton's two new (but not that new) coordinators, Steve Verbit and Sean Gleeson. While both talk mostly about their own sides of the ball and progressions during the preseason, both coordinators hit on their own development in the offseason, and Verbit shares some memories from the 1998 opener at Princeton Stadium (the Stadium will begin Year 20 on Sept. 16.

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Interviews: Steve Verbit (7:10); Sean Gleeson (21:55)

Original Eleven Debut • Preseason Interview with Bob Surace

August 24th, 2017

Welcome to the Original Eleven, a brand new podcast from Princeton Athletics that will focus solely on Princeton Tiger football. We'll have weekly episodes during the season that features player/coach interviews, as well as wide-ranging conversations on the season, the Ivy League, and more. In this debut edition, reigning Ivy League Coach of the Year Bob Surace sits down for a conversation about the preseason — the mindset going in, key positions to watch, and plenty more.

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